Pick Your Best College Basketball Team for $15

Pick your team

So, we’ve seen this before. A couple years ago someone put together a list of NBA greats at each position and you had to form your team. Well, this is a little different as there are just money options, but the premise remains the same. You have to pick the best college hoops team for the coming year and it has to be realistic (i.e. can’t take five point guards, etc). My team?

Monte Morris, Malcolm Brogdon, Justin Jackson, Ben Simmons and Kyle Wiltjer. I have plenty of scoring options as well as the ability to stretch the floor in Simmons and Wiltjer. Morris is one of the best point guards in the country and knows how to distribute the ball while Brogdon and Jackson can attack the paint.

My biggest concern is on the defensive side of the ball in the paint. There is no true shotblocker and Wiltjer isn’t a strong defender. However, Brogdon can lock down the¬†wings and hope that’s enough. So, send your best team to either @barstoolreags @stormthecourtpc or leave it in the comment section.


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