Here’s the Rick Pitino Tattoo You Need That You Didn’t Know You Even Wanted


When I was 18, I made the bold decision to get myself some fresh ink before I went away to school for my first semester. Ever since then I’ve been looking for the perfect complement to go along with my first tattoo and although it’s been a long search I think I finally found it. You know what they say, tattoos are addicting as fuck and the ladies always go nuts for some fresh ink. In fact if we’re gonna talk tattoos for the ladies, it probably goes 4.) Old English lettering, 3.) Tribal tattoos, 2.) Barbed wire tattoos, and 1.) Terrifying Rick Pitino tattoos in the midst of a program wide sex scandal. . I mean, to consider myself a Cards fan I have to get this Pitino tat, no? Show support for the program and keep up with the Jones’s at the same time…



Cause if you don’t have a crazy, trashy tattoo of your favorite college team somewhere on you then you aren’t even fit to call yourself a real fan. Let’s do this, Rick Harlan. Ink my whole body.


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