(Almost) Everything You Need To Know From Opening Night Of College Hoops



If you woke up late this morning afternoon because you stayed up late watching hoops and going to the bar, shouts to you. Speaking of late games…

Monmouth – 84 UCLA – 81

If you had Monmouth downing UCLA to start the season, then please let me borrow your crystal ball for a weekend so I can will all my bets and get rich.

But that didn’t stop Bill Walton from having the time of his life in China last night.

Dancing with cheerleaders.

Expressing his love for China.

Warding off evil spirits.

Brushing up on Chinese fun facts courtesy of Wikipedia.

And, well… I’m not really sure what this is.

Oh, and Texas ended up winning that game 77-71, but Bill Walton didn’t give a shit apparently so neither should you.


Keeping it overseas, the Gonzaga Pitt game in Japan sure seemed like a fun time…

This is why Japan can’t have nice things. You blew it, Japan.


Western Illinois – 69, Wisconsin – 67

That’s OK, though. Wisco is the defending national runner up and sometimes it takes a little while to find your stride. Plus Western is probably gonna be pretty good this year in the Summit League, right? Where were they picked to finish? Dead last? Oh, yea yea, they had a good day though.

Maybe those Wisco fans are gonna want to go heavy on the cheese and Leinenkugels this year.


Best Of the Rest:

Ben Simmons is still going to be really, really good.


6’10 guys shouldn’t be allowed to that. It’s not fair.


Grayson Allen continues to be the guy I’m going to hate to love because he’s a Dukie and has probably the most punchable face I’ve ever seen but I just can’t knock a white boy that can dunk like this. That’s just not in my DNA.


I caught a little bit of the UK game and I guess this Jamal Murray character is going to be the bane of my existence for the next five months or so? That yam was tremendous.


Rick Barnes riding dirty in his brand new Tennessee golf cart.


That’s all I got for now. I’m hungry and pretty hungover so I’m finna go get something to eat. Did I miss something? I most certainly did, but I can’t watch all 351 teams play so if you got something you think I should know about and you’d like to see on the site just tweet me @QuineTime and I’ll make it happen. I plan on doing these recaps as the season rolls along so there should be plenty of material to go around.

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