Former Providence Big Man Carson Desrosiers Joins The Storm The Court Podcast, So Get Your Questions In Now

Hey now, look at that! Storm The Court is moving up in the world. This week’s podcast is going to feature former Providence big man Carson Desrosiers. Just a quick background on Carson, the shot block aficionado started his career at Wake Forrest and landed in Providence where he ended up winning a Big East Championship with the Friars before graduating. Carson got to see a lot of the college basketball landscape and wasn’t one of those guys who played when they were still using peach baskets as rims, so he should be able to give us a pretty fresh perspective on life in college hoops today. If you have any questions about hoops or life in general you want to ask Carson make sure you submit them to @stormthecourtpc@BarstoolReags, or @Mikey_Golds and maybe you’ll hear them featured on the show. Hard hitting questions only though.

Frank Underwood gets it. Bring you’re A game, you guys.


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