(Almost) Everything You Missed Last Night In College Hoops, Winter Break Edition


Finals week is out, winter break is in, which means I’ll spend my days envying kids who are still in college and their nearly month long vacation as well as some quality basketball games. Last night was evidence of that, as many of the matchups almost had a mid-February, early March feel to them as some went right down to the wire.

Michigan State – 99, Oakland – 93

Sparty’s butthole was about as tight as a drum all night long, as they trailed for most of this game and it looked for all the world like Oakland was gonna pull the upset in Detroit. College hoops has been somewhat marred by, maybe I shouldn’t say BAD, but let’s call it ticky-tack officiating all season long and last night that epidemic reared it’s ugly head once again.

This was called a charge on Oakland’s Kahlil Fielder, who, in addition to being Oakland’s best player also happens to be one of the top scorers in the country. That was Fielder’s fifth foul and pretty much won the game for Sparty who took control in the last minute or so after that.

Sparty fans will say that’s a charge all day everyday, Oakland fans (all three of them) and fans of the underdog will say that’s a weak ass charge call. Personally that looked like basketball to me and the officials probably should have let them play on, but you be the judge.

Virginia – 63, Cal – 62 OT

I sort of watched this game, and by watch I really mean it was white noise in the background while I watched my Cards beat up on UMKC last night. Virginia continues to not necessarily wow, yet held on and showed they’re worthy of being a top ten team beating Cal on London Perreantes 3 with ten seconds left. Next up for UVA is Oakland at home on Wednesday, which if last night was any indication, should be a good matchup seeing as it looks like Fielder and the gang have might have a little bit of magic in them.

Xavier – 78, Wake Forest – 70

X trailed early and looked like they might be on upset alert, but came storming back and survived a good shot from Wake behind plays like this from freshman Edmond Sumner

and this

Plays like that from Sumner are a small example of just how athletic Xavier is this year. Growing up in Cincinnati, I’ve gotten to see a lot of Xavier teams over the years and this year’s club might be as athletic and skilled of a team as I’ve ever seen from them. In case you haven’t figured it out yet (and you should have), this Xavier team is for real.

Iowa State – 81, Cincinnati – 79

The Bearcats lost again in heartbreaking fashion, as they had three good looks to tie or win the game inside of ten seconds, yet they just couldn’t put the ball in the hole. If you’re into high blood pressure and nail-biting finishes, then Iowa State is the team for you as three out of their last four contests have come right down to the wire. As for the Bearcats, this kid’s face tells you everything you need to know about Cincinnati’s home losses this season…


The Best Of the Rest

I’ve Never Wanted Anything More Than I Want One Of These Ron Hunter Bobbleheads For Christmas

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I feel like these are the kinds of things you have to do if you’re a mid-major program. Like I don’t go to a Dayton Dragons game to watch career minor leaguer’s and 18 year old phenoms fly out to the warning track, rather I go for the free giveaways and the wacky 7th inning stretch shows. In the same light, I’m not sure how many folks are flocking to the arena to just watch GSU and Middle Tennessee slug it out. The UK’s and the Cuse’s and the Louisville’s of the world will draw 20,000 a night just on name alone, but give me a Ron Hunter falling off his chair bobblehead and I’ll camp out for days just to score a ticket. Need this thing more than I’ve ever needed anything in my entire life.

Still maybe the best spontaneous coach/win eruption I’ve ever seen.

Who Wore It Better? Biggie Or Seth Greenberg?

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One Armed Gators Guard Zach Hodskins Drive To the Hole Was An Awesome Moment In College Basketball

Not to get too sappy on you all, but next time you’re feeling like you can’t do something, think about Zach going strong to the tin and drawing an And-1 before you bitch and moan.

That kid who got worked needs to retire though. Can’t be the guy who gets schooled by Captain Hook and show up in the gym the next day and expect people to take you seriously, right? Is that mean to say?

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(Almost) Everything You Missed From Last Night In College Hoops AKA Bo Ryan Retiring and the Monmouth Bench Mob Strikes Again

Wait a minute, I thought this was supposed to be finals week? I thought I was going to be able to mail it in while all the top teams beat up on the Kennsaw and Norfolk States of the world. There isn’t supposed to be anything noteworthy happening this week, right?

Bo Ryan Announces His Retirement Effective Immediately

Everyone knew Bo was at the end of his rope, but I don’t think anyone expected Bo to follow in the footsteps of Steve Spurrier and continue the recent trend of college coaches just up and leaving in the middle of the season. I’m not a Wisconsin guy nor a B1G guy, but I sort of have mixed feelings on Bo’s retirement. On one hand, if you’re a legendary coach and the face of the program, maybe even the entire school for that matter, you kind of owe it to the players, the staff, and the fans to finish what you’ve started. On the other hand Wisconsin STINKS this year and it’s not like having Bo at the helm is gonna make or break the rest of the season, so if Bo wants to step away and give his boy Greg Gard a chance to audition for the head coaching position then so be it. I realize that’s not the departing coach’s decision to make, but if you’re Bo Ryan and you’ve posted numbers like this

Then I feel like he’s kind of earned that right to do whatever the fuck he wants. I admire the kind of loyalty Bo is showing, but I still think Wisco gives Tony Bennett a call since he’s part of the Ryan coaching tree. No matter what happens, I think we can all agree that Bo makes a serious case for the Hall Of Fame and college basketball is just a better place with Bo’s molten bald eagle looking ass roaming the sideline.

RIP Bo Ryan? (I never know what to say in these types of situations)

Let’s hope this doesn’t happen.

Also never forget.

Monmouth’s Bench Continues To Be the Greatest Spectacle In College Hoops, Oh and Monmouth Isn’t Too Bad Either


You know how a lot of times there will be a joke or a running theme on the Internet that keeps going on and on and on and everyone eventually ends up hating because it gets played out so much? Well, that’s NOT the Monmouth bench mob. These guys are arguably one of the biggest stories in college basketball this season and every time you think they’re going to fade into the depths of Internet obscurity they go and break us off with some brand new flavor.

Also while we’re on the subject, how about Monmouth basketball? Not just their bench mob, but like the team as a whole? They have wins over UCLA, Notre Dame, USC, and they just washed Georgetown last night. That UCLA win is looking better and better as the season rolls along too.  These guys are for real.

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Episode 10 – Finals Week AKA Everyone Stinks In College Hoops


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Final exam week in the world of college basketball means two things: 1.) Your boy hears those words “exam week” and starts reminiscing on his college days and then thinks about how much he misses college. Like really, really misses college, and 2.) There really isn’t a good crop of college basketball games this week. So if you’re still looking to get your weekly dose of riveting college hoops, then fear not, because the boys are back in the saddle hitting you with some early week action. This week, the guys go into quite a bit, covering the weekend in review, their thoughts on Xavier, North Carolina, and Oklahoma, a disagreement on Shaka Smart and Longhorn basketball, and no one is really sure what the weather in Tulsa is like. Go ahead and give us a listen and while you’re at it a helpful 5-star review wouldn’t hurt either as well as a nice comment about how your girlfriend thinks we’re all funnier and way more handsome than you are or something like that. Also we’ll have the results of the updated Pick ‘Em standings headed your way shortly and maybe even another episode with a guest sometime later this week. Stay tuned and thanks for the listen.

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Guess Who’s Back? Storm the Court Podcast’s Pick Em Challenge Returns So Make Sure You Get Your Picks In Now

You guys remember the rules. Make sure you’re following on Twitter @stormthecourtpc to be eligible to win and don’t suck at picking games and maybe, just maybe you’ll have some free merch coming your way. Pretty good slate of games today, including UNC vs. Texas, Florida vs. Michigan State, UCLA vs. Gonzaga, and Xavier vs. Cincinnati. Should be a pretty nice little Saturday of college hoops. Make sure you get your picks in by NOON today, you know, cause that’s when the games tip off.

Click HERE to make your picks.

Good luck.

Episode 9 – Barstool Trent


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This time of the year is far and away the slowest and most boring time of the entire work calendar. Days drag on and on, virtually zero work is getting done, and more and more of your coworkers start to duck out for the holidays. If you find yourself in the same boat or you stayed up until 3 am last night watching a shitty movie because you have no self-control and your motivation meter is on E today (guilty), then go ahead and pull up a couple fake spreadsheets to make it seem like you’re working and enjoy Episode 9 of the Storm the Court Podcast featuring Barstool’s own, Iowa Trent. Trent sits down with Reags and talks the dynamics of the Iowa/Iowa State rivalry, Fran McCaffery, poking people in the eye, Iowa heroes, and some talk about what college basketball life is like in general living in Iowa, which is great and very insightful if you’re like me and sort of just forget Iowa exists unless brought up in conversation. Per usual, @BarstoolReags and @BarstoolTrent brought that grit and lunch pail attitude you find so often in America’s heartland to bring you another stellar podcast, so make sure you give them a listen. Oh, and make sure you do the iTunes rating thing while you’re at it too.

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Let’s Take a Quick Look At This Week’s AP Top 10



Big developments last week for top ten teams. North Carolina wins, Maryland loses, Kentucky loses, Cheick Diallo is free, etc. Lot’s of things going on in the world of college hoops so let’s take a look around the top ten right quick

  1. Michigan State

Sparty went toe to toe with my Cards last week and won a close one at home. While I found out the Cards are capable of playing with anyone this season, I also found out that Michigan State is well deserving of their no. 1 ranking. Sparty’s got it all. National player of the year candidate, Tom Izzo, Blue blood, and they’ve looked impressive versus just about everyone they’ve played this year. You could make some arguments for other teams at that no. 1 slot, namely UNC and Oklahoma, but Sparty is playing about as well as anyone and they haven’t slipped up yet, so until that happens I’m ok with that big bold 1 next to their name.

  1. Kansas

The only stiff competition that Kansas has faced this year is a close tilt against Michigan State in the Champions Classic, a game they lost 79-73. Other than that, the road hasn’t been too rocky, but the Jayhawks can score the shit out of the ball and they just got super freshman Cheick Diallo back in the fold, which should obviously increase their depth as well as their defensive prescence and rebounding. If everything pans out the way Bill Self hopes, this Kansas team could make a deep run in March.

  1. North Carolina

The Tarheels looked impressive and much improved in last week’s victory over Maryland in Marcus Paige’s return from a busted hand. Forget the Jordan/LeBron GOAT talk, I think Marcus Paige has to be in the conversation now because apparently he’s the best basketball player of all time? At least that’s what Carolina fans would want you to think. Either way, it’s pretty evident that this team is a whole ‘nother animal with Paige on the floor. I guess we’ll see what they’re really made of, as a tough ACC slate is just around the corner.

  1. Iowa State

Iowa State hasn’t played any ‘elite’ competition thus far, but they’ve still beaten the likes of Colorado (game 1), Virginia Tech, and Illinois, so it’s not like they’re lining up D II cupcakes or anything. They’ve still got Naismith candidate Georges Niang, Monte Morris, and five guys averaging double figures, so things are looking good for the folks out there in Cyclones land.

  1. Kentucky

The Wildcats are still a work in progress. I said last week that the UCLA loss won’t hurt them that much and I still stand by that statement. The number one concern in Lexington right now is to just get on the mend. Get Ulis healthy, have Skal stop playing a little bit less like a big, wet, flapping, pussy, and start gelling a little more as a team and the Cats will be fine. I mean, it’s Kentucky and Cal for Christ’s sake. They’ll get there.

  1. Maryland

Much like Kentucky, Maryland is a work in progress. They looked tough in that loss at the Dean Dome and Melo Trimble looked great, but also really shitty at times. They turned the ball over a lot and I think they need to stop leaning on Trimble and going as much as he goes so much, but when it’s all said and done Maryland can probably compete with anyone. They’ve got UCONN tomorrow night, who’s obviously no slouch, so that will be a good chance to see where they’re at after that UNC loss.

  1. Oklahoma

Oklahoma will get their first real tough test tonight when they take on no. 9 Villanova. To this point, Oklahoma is playing as well as anyone and is a dark horse contender for the best team in America right now. To this point, their record is unblemished and their 3 best players are as good as any trio in the country. Naismith candidate Buddy Heild and Isaiah Cousins doing it from the guard spots and big man Ryan Spangler crawling out from his trailer park home to hold things down in the post. I’m a bit Leary of Oklahoma in the tournament, but these guys are as good as anyone right now and well deserving of that no. 7 rank. Probably should be a bit higher imho.

  1. Duke

Duke is another one of those work in progress teams. Fortunately for the Dookies and the other aforementioned programs, it’s still only January so there’s plenty of time to get things right. Grayson Allen has shown he’s capable of playing as good of ball as anyone in the country, he just needs to find a little consistency, and I still think super-freshman Luke Kennard from my neck of the woods is really going to come on before the final whistle. Also I’ve been told that Kryz-a-whiskey guy is a pretty good basketball coach? I don’t know. I’ll have to check that out and get back to you guys.

  1. Villanova

To be completely honest, tonight will be the first time I’ve really seen Nova play all season long. I’m just going to assume that they’re doing the usual 4 or 5 guard, shoot the 3 and defend type thing? Arcidiacano is probably running around like a bat out of hell, bringing that hard hat, lunch pail attitude to the floor while Jay Wright rocks those $3,000 suits night in and night out? Should be a good game against Oklahoma tonight.

  1. Virginia

I always try to be as objective as I can and try to show love where possible when blogging about teams on here, but I just can’t do that with the Cavaliers. Sorry Wahoo fans. UVA just isn’t as good as they were for most of last season. I know they return a lot and Tony Bennett is still the coach, but this team really sputtered and died at the end of last season and it looks like they haven’t really injected much life into themselves ever since. They’re boring as shit to watch and nothing they’ve donw has really been overly impressive. Unless they can figure out a way to get Justin Anderson to walk back through that door and stop having players get appendectomy’s (seriously, what’s up with that?) then we should go ahead and temper expectations

DOWN GOES KENTUCKY! No. 1 Wildcats Lose At UCLA 87-77


Sometimes things just don’t go your way and when that happens there’s just nothing you can do about it. I don’t know who coined the phrase “the ball bounces in your court” but whoever did, I’m pretty sure this is what they had in mind

It was a star studded affair with guests like Elgin Baylor, Jerry West, and Jessica Alba on hand to see UCLA knock off the no. 1 team in the nation and make plays like this

Look, I’ll hate on UK just about every chance I get, but in all honesty losing at Pauley Pavilion with a banged up roster isn’t necessarily something to hang your head over. There have been literally thousands of teams that have gone out to LA and come away with an L. You know UK will be there at the end of the season just like they are every year so if you’re a UK hater go ahead and revel in this while you can.

Now if someone can pass this along to Jess and get her thoughts on a couple of twenty-something college basketball podcasters and a bald moonlight hoops blogger and get back to me, that’d be swell (S’up Jess?)

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Invite to come on the show is always open.


The Storm the Court Podcast Pick Em Challenge Top 25 Rankings



Who is going to be this month’s Xavier and come out of the blue to rocket up the Top 25 rankings? Who is going to be this month’s Wichita State and nosedive into the ranks of the irrelevant? Stay tuned to find out. I’ll be posting the updated rankings as the season rolls along so if you want to see how you’re stacking up against your STC friends pop in from time to time and find out.

If you don’t see your name in the Top 25, well then just don’t suck at making picks I suppose, but if you’re just dying to find out, here is the complete breakdown by Twitter handle, games, record, and standings.

Hey, look who it is


pres record

That’s a lot of units down the drain.

Also you may notice yours truly isn’t on that list, but that’s because I’ve been busy doing these write ups, blogging and Tweeting my fingers down to the nub for you good people so I didn’t have time to submit my picks. If you’re in the same boat, fear not. You can join anytime we Tweet out the form so make sure you hop on that and maybe you’ll be the next ’14 UCONN that comes out of nowhere to take the ‘ship.

Lastly, shoutout to @DocEpac13 and @Donovank12013 for getting off to a blisteringly hot 0-6 start. They seem optimistic, but maybe this year just isn’t your year.

Introducing the Storm the Court Podcast Pick Em Challenge

Do you fancy yourself a college basketball fan? Of course you do, you’re reading this site. Do you like free shit? Of course you do, America LOVES free shit. Do you like competing with total strangers and the wittiest, most charming, best looking Internet personalities the world has to offer? Well then you’re in luck. We’re introducing the new Storm the Court Podcast Pick Em Contest, which is basically just like any other pick em you’ve probably ever done but way better so if you don’t understand the in’s and out’s by now then I really can’t help you. We’ll be doing these contests throughout the year and the guy or gal (S’up, ladies?) with the most points at the end of the month will win a prize. Probably like a T-shirt or something. Just make sure you’re following @stormthecourtpc on Twitter to be eligible to win. Like I said, this is the first of many, so please bear with us while we work out any kinks and make sure to get your picks in before the games start tonight. That’s 7 pm, 19:00 hours, 7 o’clock on the dot, I’m in the drop top… you know the rest.

Click here to make your picks. Good luck and God speed.

(Almost) Everything You Missed From Opening Night Of the ACC/Big Ten Challenge and the Best Of the Rest

Thank God for the ACC/Big Ten Challenge. Normally, Tuesday nights in early December are about some of the worst TV nights you’ll ever see, unless you’re lucky enough to have your favorite college team duking it out with the likes of McNeese State, or you’re 19 years old and content with watching re-runs of Tosh.0 all night. Yesterday was an exception though, as we saw a slew of nail-biting games as well as a highly touted matchup between two top 10 teams.

UNC – 89, Maryland – 81

This matchup between two top ten teams and former ACC foes was the main reason you probably tuned in for some roundball last night. Marcus Paige finally returned from that broken hand and pumped in 20 points, including going 4-5 from 3 and was one of the main storylines in last night’s game. The other was Maryland’s 22 turnovers, including 8 by Melo Trimble himself. Trimble also had 23 points and 12 assists so last night wasn’t a total wash, but I do know it’s tough to beat anyone when you turn the ball over 22 times in a single game. I’m sure there’s some nerd out there a lot smarter than I am who’s been isolated in a basement away from social contact figuring out the exact winning percentage for teams that turn the ball over 20+ times against top ten teams. I don’t know exactly what that number is, but I bet you my car that it’s pretty God damn low. Tough break for the Terps.

UVA – 64, OSU – 58

At this point, the Cavaliers have pretty much revealed their true colors, showing that they’re no where near as good of a team as they were for the better part of last season, but I still think last night’s victory at OSU is a better victory than most people think. Keep in mind OSU was looking to avoid their 4th straight loss coming in against a top ten team at their place. OSU knows they’re well on their way to the <strike>NIT</strike> CIT and that games against teams like Virginia at home on national TV are all they’re really playing for this season. But even with all of that the Cavs depth and experience were just too much for a young Ohio State team as they were still able to walk out of there with a win.

Miami – 77, Nebraska – 72

Serious question for all you Canes fans out there: Are you guys nervous yet? Miami got off to as hot of a start as anyone I’d seen not named Xavier, but then they lost AT HOME to Northeastern and went right down to the wire with Nebraska last night. Nebraska is no slouch, sure, but Miami was being heralded as a serious ACC contender out of the gate and after these last couple games are we still thinking the same thing? Seriously, Miami fans… I’m asking you.

Northwestern – 81, Virginia Tech – 79

This titanic struggle had all the makings of a classic NIT matchup for the ages. Overtime, bad shot selection down the stretch, Buzz Williams looking like a hundred dollars…

Northwestern outlasts Virginia Tech in OT 81-79

Seriously I don’t remember Buzz looking this ridiculous at Marquette. Is this just something new he’s picked up since joining Tech?



Purdue – 72, Pitt – 59

Full disclosure I didn’t really watch this game because Pittsburgh and Purdue might be two of the most boring teams to watch in the history of history. I think Reags may have even talked about that on Barstool yesterday. Anyway, because I’m a consummate blogging professional (not really) I checked the box score and watched the highlights and it looks like Purdue’s Ryan Cline and A.J. Hammons were just too much for Pitt to handle. The end.

Best Of the Rest

Kansas’ Cheick Diallo finally made his debut after a very long, very public spat with the NCAA and was packing people’s lunches and doing his best Karl Malone impressions…

Texas’ Kerwin Roach may or may not have killed a man last night…

And that’s all she wrote for now, but we’re far from finished. Tonight’s schedule includes…

(Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V because I don’t feel like typing all this out)

Embedded image permalink

Should be a good one.

Did I miss anything (yes)? Got something you think we should know about? Make sure you tweet me @QuineTime and I’ll put it on the site or just totally ignore you and act like I didn’t see it.

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