The Storm the Court Podcast Pick Em Challenge Top 25 Rankings



Who is going to be this month’s Xavier and come out of the blue to rocket up the Top 25 rankings? Who is going to be this month’s Wichita State and nosedive into the ranks of the irrelevant? Stay tuned to find out. I’ll be posting the updated rankings as the season rolls along so if you want to see how you’re stacking up against your STC friends pop in from time to time and find out.

If you don’t see your name in the Top 25, well then just don’t suck at making picks I suppose, but if you’re just dying to find out, here is the complete breakdown by Twitter handle, games, record, and standings.

Hey, look who it is


pres record

That’s a lot of units down the drain.

Also you may notice yours truly isn’t on that list, but that’s because I’ve been busy doing these write ups, blogging and Tweeting my fingers down to the nub for you good people so I didn’t have time to submit my picks. If you’re in the same boat, fear not. You can join anytime we Tweet out the form so make sure you hop on that and maybe you’ll be the next ’14 UCONN that comes out of nowhere to take the ‘ship.

Lastly, shoutout to @DocEpac13 and @Donovank12013 for getting off to a blisteringly hot 0-6 start. They seem optimistic, but maybe this year just isn’t your year.


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