Episode 9 – Barstool Trent


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This time of the year is far and away the slowest and most boring time of the entire work calendar. Days drag on and on, virtually zero work is getting done, and more and more of your coworkers start to duck out for the holidays. If you find yourself in the same boat or you stayed up until 3 am last night watching a shitty movie because you have no self-control and your motivation meter is on E today (guilty), then go ahead and pull up a couple fake spreadsheets to make it seem like you’re working and enjoy Episode 9 of the Storm the Court Podcast featuring Barstool’s own, Iowa Trent. Trent sits down with Reags and talks the dynamics of the Iowa/Iowa State rivalry, Fran McCaffery, poking people in the eye, Iowa heroes, and some talk about what college basketball life is like in general living in Iowa, which is great and very insightful if you’re like me and sort of just forget Iowa exists unless brought up in conversation. Per usual, @BarstoolReags and @BarstoolTrent brought that grit and lunch pail attitude you find so often in America’s heartland to bring you another stellar podcast, so make sure you give them a listen. Oh, and make sure you do the iTunes rating thing while you’re at it too.

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