Episode 10 – Finals Week AKA Everyone Stinks In College Hoops


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Final exam week in the world of college basketball means two things: 1.) Your boy hears those words “exam week” and starts reminiscing on his college days and then thinks about how much he misses college. Like really, really misses college, and 2.) There really isn’t a good crop of college basketball games this week. So if you’re still looking to get your weekly dose of riveting college hoops, then fear not, because the boys are back in the saddle hitting you with some early week action. This week, the guys go into quite a bit, covering the weekend in review, their thoughts on Xavier, North Carolina, and Oklahoma, a disagreement on Shaka Smart and Longhorn basketball, and no one is really sure what the weather in Tulsa is like. Go ahead and give us a listen and while you’re at it a helpful 5-star review wouldn’t hurt either as well as a nice comment about how your girlfriend thinks we’re all funnier and way more handsome than you are or something like that. Also we’ll have the results of the updated Pick ‘Em standings headed your way shortly and maybe even another episode with a guest sometime later this week. Stay tuned and thanks for the listen.

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