(Almost) Everything You Missed From Last Night In College Hoops AKA Bo Ryan Retiring and the Monmouth Bench Mob Strikes Again

Wait a minute, I thought this was supposed to be finals week? I thought I was going to be able to mail it in while all the top teams beat up on the Kennsaw and Norfolk States of the world. There isn’t supposed to be anything noteworthy happening this week, right?

Bo Ryan Announces His Retirement Effective Immediately

Everyone knew Bo was at the end of his rope, but I don’t think anyone expected Bo to follow in the footsteps of Steve Spurrier and continue the recent trend of college coaches just up and leaving in the middle of the season. I’m not a Wisconsin guy nor a B1G guy, but I sort of have mixed feelings on Bo’s retirement. On one hand, if you’re a legendary coach and the face of the program, maybe even the entire school for that matter, you kind of owe it to the players, the staff, and the fans to finish what you’ve started. On the other hand Wisconsin STINKS this year and it’s not like having Bo at the helm is gonna make or break the rest of the season, so if Bo wants to step away and give his boy Greg Gard a chance to audition for the head coaching position then so be it. I realize that’s not the departing coach’s decision to make, but if you’re Bo Ryan and you’ve posted numbers like this

Then I feel like he’s kind of earned that right to do whatever the fuck he wants. I admire the kind of loyalty Bo is showing, but I still think Wisco gives Tony Bennett a call since he’s part of the Ryan coaching tree. No matter what happens, I think we can all agree that Bo makes a serious case for the Hall Of Fame and college basketball is just a better place with Bo’s molten bald eagle looking ass roaming the sideline.

RIP Bo Ryan? (I never know what to say in these types of situations)

Let’s hope this doesn’t happen.

Also never forget.

Monmouth’s Bench Continues To Be the Greatest Spectacle In College Hoops, Oh and Monmouth Isn’t Too Bad Either


You know how a lot of times there will be a joke or a running theme on the Internet that keeps going on and on and on and everyone eventually ends up hating because it gets played out so much? Well, that’s NOT the Monmouth bench mob. These guys are arguably one of the biggest stories in college basketball this season and every time you think they’re going to fade into the depths of Internet obscurity they go and break us off with some brand new flavor.

Also while we’re on the subject, how about Monmouth basketball? Not just their bench mob, but like the team as a whole? They have wins over UCLA, Notre Dame, USC, and they just washed Georgetown last night. That UCLA win is looking better and better as the season rolls along too.  These guys are for real.

Did I miss anything (yes)? Got something you think we should know about? Make sure you tweet me @QuineTime and I’ll put it on the site. Or not. Deal with it.

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