State Of the Podcast Address


New year, new podcast. Sort of, but not really. We’re still gonna bring you same college hoops material as always, but I just wanted to take the opportunity to open things up for the listeners. First things first, many, many thanks from all of us involved with the Storm the Court Podcast for your support so far. The podcast has grown much faster than I think anyone had anticipated and that’s solely a tribute to you, the good people, so on behalf of myself, Reags, and Mikey Golds, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Secondly, college basketball season is in full swing now, maybe you figured that out from that all timer between Kansas and OU last night. The bowl season is all but over and conference play is just now getting under way, which means we’re just now getting to the good stuff. So if you have anything you’d like to see us cover, anything you’d like to share, please don’t be shy. Any guests you’d like to hear, any article ideas, any Vines, gifs, pictures, tips, or really just anything you think might make this a better podcast, don’t be afraid to speak up. We don’t bite, worst thing that can happen is we might just end up laughing at you (just kidding. Not really). We’re actually recording again for the first time this year tonight with special guest Sir Charles Wisconsin. That means if you have any questions regarding the sad state of Badger hoops or B1G basketball, now would be the time to share.

Again, thanks for the listens and we look forward to bringing you more good stuff as we inch ever closer to March.


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