It’s a Mid-Week Edition Of the Storm the Court Podcast Pick ‘Em Challenge; Also Rico Bosco Joins the Podcast Tonight


College football ended in spectacular fashion last night, which means it’s basketball’s turn to reign king in the world of collegiate athletics. Nick Saban landed himself some new hardware, which means he’s officially sold his soul to the Devil, probably. Every man has his price I suppose. For some it’s four National Championships in seven years, for others it can be as simple as covering the spread and winning some real loot off of a mid-week, mid-season college basketball tilt. If you find yourself in the latter category, then you’re in luck, because here comes another installment of the STC Podcast Pick ‘Em Challenge all up in your face. By now you guys should know the rules. Fill out the document with your picks and make sure you’re following along on Twitter that way we can know who you are and whether you’re a visionary oracle or a pile of flaming dog shit when it comes to making picks. Speaking of visionary oracles, the one and only Rico Bosco is sitting down with us tonight to talk betting college hoops and really any other sort of questions your heart so desires. We’ve had a lot of basketball and gambling related questions roll in already, but if you missed that boat and have something you’d like to hear covered on this week’s show, be sure to get them in before recording this evening.


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Click HERE to make your picks.



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