Episode 12 – Rico Bosco


As we’d mentioned earlier in the week, the self proclaimed “most hated man on the Internet” and CBB picks extraordinaire @Rico_Boso sat down with @Barstoolreags for this week’s edition of the Storm the Court Podcast. The boys bring the heat right off the bat with a couple stories about Brent Musberger and his supposed gambling/TV watching habits and a look into famed coach Jimmy Postos’ true thoughts and feelings about the 18 and 19 year old kids under his command. From then out it’s your normal, weekly hoops talk, including this year’s parity in college basketball, the Dunkin’ Donuts Center, KenPom ratings, overvalued and undervalued teams, Rick Pitino and the grad student one and done phenomena, and top ten active coaches. Both gentleman really know their shit and Rico is one of the more entertaining guests to grace the podcast thus far, so if you consider yourself one of the die hard Rico Riders or you just need something to kill an hour while you do whatever it is that you do, make sure to give us a listen in case you missed the first go around this morning.

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