It’s Your Weekly Edition Of the Storm the Court Podcast Pick ‘Em Challenge

Is it just me, or does this Saturday feel… empty. My NFL team collapsed in spectacular fashion and College Football is done for the foreseeable future. Fortunately CBB is back to save the day and with that another edition of the STC Podcast Pick ‘Em Challenge. Nova/Georgetown and WVU/Oklahoma headline today’s slate and both games should live up to the hype as have most big games so far this season. Remember, as visionary as we may seem at times, we’re not clairvoyants so you must be following along @stormthecourtpc on Twitter that way we can keep track of who you are. Games start at 1 so make sure you get your picks in on time and those delivery orders dialed in and buckle up for another good Saturday of college hoops.

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Click HERE to make your picks.


PS- Fingers crossed that Bob Huggins breaks out the mustard suit for this OU game. Life is just better in general when Huggs pulls out the mustard suit.



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