(Almost) Everything You Missed Yesterday In College Hoops


College basketball has given us a myriad of entertaining games and big time storylines so far this season and yesterday was no different. Lost amongst two NFL playoff games, a holiday weekend, and a Future mixtape, yesterday was one of the sneakier better days in college hoops that I’m not sure anyone realizes yet. It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, so without further adieu, let’s dive right in.

Wisconsin – 77, Michigan State – 76

Back to back losses at home against Iowa and on the road at Wisconsin means Sparty is reeling right now. At least reeling as much as possible if you’re the no. 4 team in the country playing in the Big Ten. That’s the thing about B1G basketball this year, though. It appears that the animals are going to wipe themselves out, meaning no one in that conference has really taken the reigns as top dog and it’s going to be a fist fight to the finish.

Also I’m not totally ruling out that Wisconsin got the W solely due to the inclement conditions inside the Kohl Center…


That’s B1G weather, yo.

Florida State – 69, Virginia – 62


I know sometimes it seems like we actively try to pick on the Cavaliers here at the STC Podcast, which I can assure you is not the case. Having said that, I’m going to pick on the Cavaliers again. At home, their slow you down, drag it out style of play has resulted in some nice wins over WVU, and Villanova, but UVA will be lucky to win another game on the road this season. I don’t what it is with those guys, but they just can’t come up on the right side of the scoreboard away from JPJ arena, and it’s not exactly like they’re losing to powerhouses on the road either (George Washington, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech). Although to be fair, at FSU isn’t exactly a bad loss ’cause that team looks pretty tough and that Dwayne Bacon kid looks like he’s going to be the real deal as a freshman. Don’t forget, he is the next Jordan after all.


Iowa – 82, Michigan – 71


More B1g talk. As of right now, Iowa seems like they’re the top dog in the Big Ten sitting pretty at 5-0 and riding a 7 game winning streak with victories over Purdue and Mischigan State, twice. Don’t forget we talked Iowa Basketball earlier this year with Barstool Trent so if you missed that make sure you go back and get in the know. There’s more to Iowa than just corn (just Hawkeye sports though. Not much else).


Oregon State F Jarmal Reid Tripped a Ref Last Night and I Don’t Think That’s Gonna Work Out Great For Him

I’ve been on this Earth for almost 26 years and I’ve been watching basketball for the good majority of that time so I’d like to think I’ve seen it all when it comes to the game of basketball, but I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. I’ve seen things like the Malice in the Palace, I’ve seen Joey Crawford redefine what it means to be an asshole with a whistle in the NBA, but this is the first time I can ever really remember a player going out of his way to get after a ref like that. Pretty much the one major no-no you can’t violate in any sport is exactly what Reid did last night. I guess now we’ll just have to wait and see how long the suspension is? Three games, five games, an entire season? I doubt it will come to that but honestly any amount of time handed down by the conference or the team itself that would surprise me. As a senior, I think it’s safe to say that dude’s career is pretty much over. Tripping a ref is one of those things people don’t forget, so good luck getting any help from the zebras ever again, Jarmal.

The 2016 McDonald’s All American Rosters Were Released Last Night



All the blueblood programs arguing about who has the most McDonald’s All Americans is a dick measuring tradition unlike any other. This year really isn’t much different, as UK leads the way in what is supposed to be Coach Cal’s best class since he’s been at Kentucky, but outside of that, there really aren’t many surprises here. The game airs on March 30, so make sure you tune in and see which 17-19 year old kids that look like more of a grown man than you do in your mid 20’s do things with the basketball that you couldn’t even dream of doing in your prime.

Did I miss anything (yes)? Got something you think we should know about? Make sure you tweet me @QuineTime and I’ll put it on the site. Or not. Deal with it.

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