Episode 13 – Barstool JJ


Let’s play a little word association. When I say Drexel Basketball, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Quick, go! Did you say Osama Bin Laden? Well you should have. At least that’s what this week’s guest @BarstoolJJ thinks. If you’re curious as to how the face of organized terror is synonymous with small school Philadelphia basketball, tune in to find out. JJ also tells us about the time he got tossed from Madison Square Garden for hotboxing the bathroom-twice, thoughts on how walk on players should be living out their college years, and the return of ‘The Gambler’ next week. JJ once again proves he’s an always entertaining guest, per usual, so if you like what he’s done on his own show over at @YuppieJunk then you’re in for a treat this week. Hop on the Drexel Bandwagon and become part of the DACPack before it’s too late!

Also we have a special guest joining on Sunday evening as teased at the end of the episode, so stay tuned as the announcement will be made on Twitter in the near future-ish.

Don’t be afraid to leave us a little comment to let us know how we’re doing. Fellas, tell us how great we are at breaking down the X’s and O’s, ladies, phone numbers are always encouraged.

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