Episode 14 – James Fraschilla


A long time ago (like two years) in a galaxy far, far away (Norman, OK), there was a young man who changed the face of college basketball. A pioneer in the bench mob game, he dazzled the masses with scintillating trick shot videos and a rendition of the air guitar that would make even Eddie Van Halen wet his pants.

That man’s name was James Fraschilla (@jamesfraschilla). You might know him best for his crazy “Hayden’s Hope” trick shots or for being the son of famed coach and broadcaster Fran Fraschilla. If you don’t, well then you’re in luck because James was kind enough to sit down and join us on the podcast last night in what might just be the most interesting episode to date. James paints an excellent of picture of what it’s like to be a walk on at a big time program, an assistant in the NBA’s D-League, growing up a coach’s son, as well as his thoughts on court storming. Also James plugged Haydenshope.org, a non-profit organization he partnered with for the trick shot videos to raise awareness for children in need of organ transplants. Obviously a great cause so go check that out too when you get a chance.


PS- Apologies for the episode cutting out at the end there. As you know we’re absolutely perfect in everything that we do so none of the technical difficulties are our fault. We’ll just go ahead and blame Microsoft seeing as they’re in hot water already for #Tabletgate in yesterday’s AFC Championship Game. Pile on Bill Gates while he’s down.

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