Updated Storm the Court Podcast Pick Em Challenge Top 25 Rankings


Ok so here’s the deal. Last time I dropped the current standings for the Pick ‘Em Challenge, I tried to hit you with the Top 25 crafted in an ever so creative fashion based off of the AP’s weekly top 25 standings (you’re welcome, but whatever). Normally I do that on my work computer, which unfortunately is at, well work, so seeing as we’re a little over halfway through today’s mega slate of games and I’m fairly sure we’re all pretty content melting into our couches ’til the final buzzer, I’m just gonna leave this HERE. Go ahead and peruse at your own leisure and see how you’ve been stacking up against your Internet friends. I’ll go ahead and give the rest of the updated standings sometime this week where I can actually put a little more thought into the top 25 when I’m supposed to be doing real actual 9-5 work.

Remember, the Pick ‘Em Challenge is cumulative throughout the season so if you’ve missed a week it’s not too late to turn things around and make some hay as we inch ever closer to March. That is unless you stink at making picks. In that case, well, I guess baseball season will be here before you know it?

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