Episode 15 – Tod Lantern


UK is taking on Tennessee right now on ESPN as we speak and unfortunately for fans I don’t think the Vols stand much of a chance vs the Cats on that women’s court of theirs, so if you’re a UK fan looking for an alternate basketball fix for this evening, then make sure you check out Episode 15 of the STC Podcast featuring former Wildcats walk on Tod Lantern (@tod_lanternIII). Tod offers some great insight as to what it was like to spend three years in Lexington on one of the top programs in the country, including an undefeated season and playing for a National Championship. Tod also explains what Coach Cal is really all about, the slew of talent he played with throughout the years, trying to avoid getting dunked on, and what life is like as a Wildcat basketball player on campus. Again, I’m not a UK guy at all, but it’s always pretty cool to get a firsthand perspective of what these dudes go through in their time as a big time college athlete. Kentucky is actually up 17 now so it looks like this game will be over by halftime, which means there’s really no excuse for you not to tune in sometime before that new OJ series comes on FX at 10.

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