Get Your Questions In For Episode 16 Tonight ft. Clem

Pictured from left to right: Not Clem, Not Clem, Not Clem.

And just like that football in America is over. Dead and buried. For the next six months (really just until the combine begins) highlights of one handed catches and CTE inducing hits will be replaced by buzzer beaters and vicious tomahawk dunks. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though. 2016 has been the most atrociously beautiful college basketball season in recent memory. Everyone continues to stink which has resulted in a slew of great games and big time upsets in some sort of ass backwards logic. Joining us to talk about that phenomena this week is Barstool New York’s @TheClemReport so if you wanna talk Siena basketball? Clem’s got you. You wanna talk ‘Cuse basketball? Clem’s got you? You wanna talk about how much you love Jimmer Fredette and miss him lighting up the scoreboard at BYU? I’m sure he’d appreciate that as well. Whatever it is, just make sure you get your questions STAT. Recording is going down tonight.

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