Episode 17 – Big Cat


First and foremost, my apologies for not posting this to the site yesterday. College basketball is moving full speed ahead so things are pretty busy around here, which is really just code for “I went out the other night and had to play catchup at work hungover so I got behind and just forgot to post.” These things happen. The cool part about the Internet though is it’s written in pen, not pencil, so this stuff is around forever. Actually, it kind of works out great this way because North Carolina lost in spectacular Roy Williams fashion last night and my guys @BarstoolReags and  @BarstoolBigCat basically predicted the future. If you didn’t already listen yesterday and are into hearing clairvoyant stuff like that, then episode 17 should be right up your alley. Also if you like Badger basketball, Villanova talk, and ideas for improving the game of college basketball you’ll probably be pretty smitten as well. Thanks for the listen.

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Thanks for listening.




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