Last Chance To Get Your Questions In For Episode 18 ft. Jon Hood

A few weeks ago we had former UK walk on Tod Latern on the podcast talking about everything from his days in the Bluegrass. This week, another former Wildcat sits down with @BarstoolReags. This time we’re joined by Jon Hood (@jonnylightning4) who should also be able to give us a great perspective of what it was like to play at Kentucky for five years, what it’s like to be a part of a national championship team, playing a little overseas ball, and what he’s been up to nowadays. Personally, I really dig the former player episodes because it gives squares like me who weren’t good enough to play D1 basketball a good picture of what it’s like to be big man on campus during the some of the more poignant years of our lives. So if you’re like me and you’ve ever wondered about these sorts of things, make sure you get your questions in for Jon as recording is set to go down here in a couple hours.

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