Episode 19 – Brad Redford


Well, we’re officially getting right down to the nitty gritty. Conference tournaments are already underway and several programs have already punched their tickets to the dance. This week, the big dogs are preparing to slug it out to see who can score a top for seed or one of the slew of at large bids. Xavier is certainly one of those programs who figures to be among the top eight seeds in this year’s tournament, so who better to have on this week’s show to talk shop than former Xavier player, Brad Redford. Brad starred at Xavier from 2008-2013, led the A-10 in 3 pt% twice, and even beat out Draymond Green for Michigan’s Mr. Basketball as a high school senior, something he talks about on this week’s episode. The guys also cover the usual stuff. A little Xavier/Big East/A-10 talk, memorable Xavier tournament games, All-Americans, Final four and National Champion picks.

Be sure to head over to bradredfordbasketball.com (@BradRedfordBRB) and check out the work Brad has been doing to help young players develop their skills to play at the collegiate level. Could also be useful if you’re looking to get back into the rec game and you’re looking to polish your shot so you can at least draw iron a couple times.

Also since there was no episode last week and on account of March Madness beginning, We’re going to be breaking you off with another episode dropping mid-week. Don’t say we never did anything for you. Stay tuned.

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