The $500 March Madness Tourney presented by KFC Radio & Storm The Court Podcast and Episode 20 ft. Rico Bosco ICYMI


Well, it’s officially official. The brackets are set, or I guess I should say they’ve been set for a while now thanks to some deep web Internet hackers and/or an anonymous informant hiding inside the CBS studios. March Madness is officially here and committee complaints be damned, this year looks to be as entertaining of a tournament as we’ve seen in years. With that said, March Madness and bracket challenges go together like lamb and tuna fish and you might be wondering what sort of contests the best damn college basketball podcast in all the land has up their sleeves. Well, this year we’re teaming up with KFC Radio for the $500 March Madness Tourney presented by KFC Radio & Storm The Court Podcast. Basically how it works is just your standard bracket contest. 64 teams, six rounds, pick as many winners as you can and whoever has the best score at the end of the challenge wins. Perfect sweet sixteen gets a million dollars a year for the rest of their life. Not from us though. That’s Warren Buffet’s challenge. However, we’ll hook the winner up with $500 cold hard cash which should be more than enough to chip in on the rent or a less responsible investment like a sizeable bar tab or something. Only catch is this tournament is strictly for KFC Radio Premium subscribers, which I’m assuming most of you are, but if not, here’s the link to subscribe. $12 dollars a year, or if my math serves me correct, just a dollar a month which basically means you’re paying $12 to enter a $500 bracket challenge as well as getting hours upon hours of top notch premium material.

In addition, we’re gonna do a free draft style challenge where you draft a team based on seeds. Each person picks one team from the eight different selections broken up by seeds. You get points for your teams advancing. You get 1 point for the first round, 2 for the second, 4 for the Sweet 16, 5 for the Elite Eight, 10 for the Final Four and 15 for having the champion. On top of that you get points for the seed you have. For instance if you have a 4 seed, you’ll receive 5 points if they win their first round game, etc, etc, etc. Most points at the end of the tournament wins some free merch.

You can go ahead and make those picks HERE.


Lastly but not leastly, Rico Bosco made his triumphant return to the podcast to discuss the selection committee, tourney snubs and seeding, each tournament region, as well as offering some of his signature picks. To say he’s excited for the tournament is an understatement.

Happy Hunting.

Submit your questions and follow along on Twitter @stormthecourtpc for updates, contests, and all things college hoops.

Again, if you’re not already a KFC Radio Premium subscriber and you want in on the tourney, subscribe HERE.

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