Episode 21 – Terrence Payne


For as much as folks love to complain about the selection committee and tournament snubs and busted brackets, I’m a bit surprised no one is complaining about the tournament schedule as a whole. For four straight days, the NC two A hits us with game after game after game, many of which are right on top of each other resulting in crazy finish after crazy finish, which is all part of what makes March Madness so great. But then something happens. The games just stop for a few days creating a basketball-less void from which there’s no escape. What are you supposed to do when there’s no college basketball? Where do you go? What am I supposed to do with my hands? Well fortunately for you, the Storm the Court Podcast has you covered until the games pick back up again (NIT and Women’s Ball notwithstanding, of course). This week, we got nationally recognized basketball writer Terrence Payne to sit down and recap the first weekend of the Tournament, the Jamie Dixon/Miller Bros/Pitt love triangle, the ACC, the Big East, and naturally, Final Four picks. Terrence also makes the cardinal sin of diving into his own personal bracket, something for which he was appropriately reprimanded and punished (just kidding. He apologized, though). Terrence provides an excellent perspective on the game from someone who covers college basketball nationally so if you’re looking to hear a guest that really knows his shit, go ahead and give us a listen.

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