Special NBA Draft Edition: Episode 22 – Stool Greenie


Guess who’s BACK?!?! While you were balls deep in that riveting Cleveland vs. Toronto matchup and a draft lottery that’s written like a WWE script, @BarstoolReags and @StoolGreenie were busy chopping it up in the studio. Up in the lab laying down some smooth vocals for you, the avid college hoops fan, who like a withdrawing heroin addict, needs a quick fix to hold you over until the real action picks back up later in the year.

On this week’s special NBA Draft episode, Greenie stops by to talk early onset depression brought on by the Celtics 3rd overall pick, #TheProcess, Simmons vs. Ingram, European ballplayers, and whether or not the NBA Draft is actually rigged (yes).

Also a couple quick housekeeping announcements:

  • Former podcast guest and CBB writer extraordinaire Terrence Payne will be joining the team as a co-host this year. As you may or may not recall, Terrence has covered college hoops nationally for NBC, which means his opinions are always correct and should be adopted by you immediately.

Go back and listen to Terrence’s STC debut HERE.

  • While we’re not exactly in season per se, there is plenty going in the world of college hoops, i.e. the draft and Team USA Basketball (assuming the boys don’t get Zika or drink the water in Rio and die). That means the podcast will be coming your way weekly once again with plenty of material until the real action kicks off sometime next fall. Without getting too scientific on you, we’ve got some fresh new ideas that are being kicked around, which should ultimately mean more #content headed your way. So stay tuned.

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