Episode 24 – Lazy Draft Day Comparisons


By the time you read this, the 2016 NBA Draft will take place exactly 8 days from today, which means player analysis, trade rumors, and anything even remotely resembling an “inside source” rearing its ugly head. Fortunately for you, @BarstoolReags and @terrence_payne are here to help you knife through all the bullshit. This week we’re talking Buddy Hield hitting 85 3’s, who goes where in the top ten, which current prospects could end up being this year’s Draymond Green, and Terrence has a meltdown over Mt. Rushmore. Yep, that Mt. Rushmore.

Also the boys talk lazy draft comparisons on this week’s episode. What’s a lazy draft comparison, you ask? Anytime an analyst dares to NOT think outside the box when comparing one player to another. Basically comparing white guys to white guys, foreign players to other foreign players, lefties to lefties, etc, etc, etc.

See exhibit A:



Get the picture? Good. Send us your favorite lazy draft comparisons that you’ve seen or make up some of your own and maybe we’ll put together a blog of the best lazy draft comparisons sometime later this week.

Submit your questions and follow along on Twitter @stormthecourtpc for updates, contests, and all things college hoops.

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