Get Your Questions In For Episode 17 ft. B1g Cat

big cat

If you listen to this podcast, then that means in all likelihood you’re a big fan of Barstool Sports, and if you’re a big fan of Barstool sports, then in all likelihood you’re a big fan of this week’s guest. You all know him, you all remember the last year’s Final Four and now infamous National Championship game, the one and only @BarstoolBigCat sits down as this week’s guest on the podcast. Wisconsin hoops will definitely be in order as was the case when Charlie Wisco joined us last month, but it’ll be interesting to get the perspective of an alum that was on campus during the height of Bo Ryan’s reign and got to experience some of the glory days of Badger basketball this time around. BC sits down with Reags to chat tomorrow, so make sure you get your B1G questions or anything you think BC would want to talk about by tomorrow evening.

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The Ten Best Floors In College Basketball This Year

The wonderful world of college is best known for two things these days: 1.) Loser kids protesting any and everything they think will get them even an inkling of attention, and 2.) Athletic programs trying to one up each other with the latest and greatest apparel, gear, facilities, etc. If your favorite college program doesn’t have the newest Nike uniforms or some sweet new chromed out football helmets do they even really have a program at all? In the world of college basketball, this trend has trickled down onto the court as well. Not ‘on the court’ in the figurative sense, but like literally, ON the court. The past several years have seen program after program introduce new hotness on the hardwood. Some of these new courts are trendsetting designs that will likely be mainstays for years to come. Others, like Oregon’s Kilkenny Floor for example, look like that powdery stuff the janitor would sprinkle over some kid’s vomit back in elementary school. Lots of teams have dipped their toes into the waters of the trendy court designs, but since it’s a Friday afternoon and per request from co-host @Mikey_Golds, I figured I’d rank the ten best looking courts-old and new- in college basketball today.

Long Beach State

I love the beach theme here from Long Beach State. You get it? ‘Cause of the beach? Long Beach State? Palm trees? Yea, you get it. Much like ordering sand for a frat party, there’s a fine line that exists between doing a beach theme correctly and going way too overboard, and LBSU walked that tightrope brilliantly.

I’m looking at you, FIU

Feel like I’d be picking sand out of my ass for a week after a game on that floor.



Maybe it’s the red and blue color scheme or maybe it’s the Phog Allen mystique, but something about Kansas’ floor put’s them up there with the best of the best. Not the newest, not the flashiest, basically the PB&J of college basketball courts. A time honored classic that no one will really turn their nose up at (Rival schools not included).


Notice a theme here with a lot of these courts. The key is to have something that makes your court stand out from the rest without going over the top and looking like a 70’s era disco floor. The Jaspers opted to walk a little on the wild side with all that green, but still kept enough of the natural hardwood to let us know that we’re still playing a game of basketball.


Think that’s just an ashy colored hardwood you’re looking at? Think again, Bubba.

I’m not exactly sure what that material is covering TCU’s floor, probably some sort of supernatural material brought down by Moses or the good Lord himself to bless his Christian sons and daughters, but whatever it is it’s pretty cool and looks real sharp alongside those purple horned frog scales in the lane.


You know what they say, everything is bigger in Texas, including midcourt logos. The Longhorn laid over top of the State of Texas is juuuussst big enough to really grab your attention, but not big enough to make you think that they’re overcompensating for something. Also I’m no Texas guy, but that burnt orange is sexy as always. Shaka and the Longhorns may be back sooner than you think.


Not to be confused with that one city in California, Oakland’s ‘Blacktop’ court is representative of that hard nose, gritty, street brand of basketball often associated with the people in that part of the country. Also because I’d imagine it’s not a lot of fun playing ball on a real blacktop when it’s like 10 degrees outside four months out of the year.

NC State

I don’t pay much attention to NC State hoops outside of a game or two a year and that Jim Valvano 30 for 30, but I’m a sucker for throwback everything, and that old school Wolfpack logo at center court just does it for me. So much so that when I finally peeped the new design a couple years ago, I looked into the future and saw that one day I’d be writing a blog about the hottest courts in college basketball and just knew they’d land a spot somewhere on that list.


A lot of schools from Xavier to Memphis to Washington to GW are all going with the city skyline as a prominent part of their court design. Any school located in a major city would be wise to incorporate some part of their respective city’s skyline because no image illustrates pride in where you’re from quite like a silhouette of the city. I’m not a Xavier guy, but the way that wood is colored really makes the Cincinnati skyline pop without distracting you from the actual lines on the court. I guess it should be noted that I hail from Cincy so I’m a bit partial, but when I threw up the bat signal on Twitter the other day I just asked for suggestions, not for you to actually rank these floors. Deal with it.

Notre Dame

Notre Dame is one of those love them hate them schools. You either love ND because you’re a Midwestern Irish-Catholic that graduated from the Mendoza College of Business and drives a C-class Benz or you hate them because of the smug, pompus attitude and the Luke Harangody clones Mike Brey seems to churn out every single year. Whatever your opinion on the Irish, it’s tough to knock the two tone with the navy blue and shamrock in the middle.

George Washington

Sticking with the city skyline theme, There’s no city with more iconic buildings to work with than Washington DC. The Capitol Building, the White House, and the Washington Monument are all fantastic additions to the playing surface. The only way GW’s floor could have been much better is if they could have figured out a way to work the real George Washington crossing the Delaware in 1776 into the design. Patriotical as fuck.

Feel free to let me know which courts you think should have made the list aka curse me out for not including your school’s in the comment section.

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Episode 16 – The Clem Report


I’m assuming you’re all familiar with the term “dog days of summer?” Well, I don’t know if there is an equivalent for this time of year, but if there isn’t, I think it’s safe to say that we’re deep into the “dog days of winter.” There’s snow on the ground, not a whole lot is going on in the world of sports, and the only way to stay sane is to think about the better days ahead. Things like this year’s NCAA Tournament or how you’re going to use your paid time off to skip work and watch said tournament. Fortunately for you, Barstool New York’s @TheClemReport dropped in to talk about just that. Clem’s been making the rounds on all the Barstool podcasts so it’s only fitting that he stop by and give his two cents on everything from the aforementioned tourney and dodging work, Siena and Syracuse basketball, the old school Big East Conference, most hated players, and finishes with a surprising championship pick. Great listen as always, but if you’re on the fence you should go ahead and tune in anyway if for nothing more than research purposes. Gotta have a plan for how you’re going to sneak out of the office on March 17, which just so happens to be St. Patty’s Day AND the first day of the tournament all rolled into one.

Thanks for the listen.

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Get Your Questions In For Episode 16 Tonight ft. Clem

Pictured from left to right: Not Clem, Not Clem, Not Clem.

And just like that football in America is over. Dead and buried. For the next six months (really just until the combine begins) highlights of one handed catches and CTE inducing hits will be replaced by buzzer beaters and vicious tomahawk dunks. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though. 2016 has been the most atrociously beautiful college basketball season in recent memory. Everyone continues to stink which has resulted in a slew of great games and big time upsets in some sort of ass backwards logic. Joining us to talk about that phenomena this week is Barstool New York’s @TheClemReport so if you wanna talk Siena basketball? Clem’s got you. You wanna talk ‘Cuse basketball? Clem’s got you? You wanna talk about how much you love Jimmer Fredette and miss him lighting up the scoreboard at BYU? I’m sure he’d appreciate that as well. Whatever it is, just make sure you get your questions STAT. Recording is going down tonight.

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Louisville Institutes a Self Imposed Postseason Ban For the 2015-2016 Season

Well, on a scale of 1-10 of worst case scenarios, I have this pegged at like a 7.5. Maybe an 8. The sky hasn’t fallen completely. We’re still playing basketball tomorrow, but college basketball is significantly less fun when your team has no chance of playing for a championship. The image of Damion Lee and Trey Lewis moved to tears in the locker room is some seriously gut wrenching stuff regardless of where your allegiances lie. Just a shitty situation all the way around. People will see this ban as a Louisville problem or a Rick Pitino problem, and it most certainly is, but on a much larger scale Louisville’s self imposed postseason ban highlights a fundamental problem within the NCAA’s handling of program violations. It’s a near certainty that the Cards opted for a one year, self imposed ban to lessen the blow of a potentially larger ban brought on by the ongoing Katina Powell investigation. The Cards are essentially taking a plea deal, which, in the long run is probably the smart decision, however a punishment this year (or at any time in the future for that matter) doesn’t punish those who were truly responsible for any wrongdoing in the first place. That is where the problem lies. Guys like Damion Lee and Trey Lewis, 5th year grad students who transferred in solely for the opportunity to compete in an NCAA Tournament won’t get to do so. Guys like Chinanu Onuaku and incoming freshman VJ King will likely depart for the NBA or reopen their commitment with an uncertain future ahead. And former players, guys like Andre McGee who orchestrated the whole shebang get to go on living their lives scot free. I realize the NCAA can’t go back in time and string these guys up by their nipples, but punishing current athletes for the transgressions of former personnel is flat out not fair.

Obviously the question now is what will become of Pitino and the rest of the Louisville program? Who stays and who goes? Rick has said from day one that he isn’t going anywhere, but keep in mind that we’re talking about a guy who fucks chicks on tables in Italian restaurants and claims that this team’s statistically second ranked defense doesn’t know how to defend, so you kind of have to take everything Rick says with a grain of salt. The UNLV rumors are there and with a distraught roster and growing frustration from fans everywhere you legitimately have to wonder if Rick is really gonna coach out the rest of his deal which runs through 2025-26 and north of $50 million.

Also what do you think Andre McGee does now? Disappears? Falls off the map and hides out in the Caribbean somewhere? I know people love to joke about Pitino and connections to the mob and what not, but if I were Andre McGee I’d be legitimately concerned for my safety right now.

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Episode 15 – Tod Lantern


UK is taking on Tennessee right now on ESPN as we speak and unfortunately for fans I don’t think the Vols stand much of a chance vs the Cats on that women’s court of theirs, so if you’re a UK fan looking for an alternate basketball fix for this evening, then make sure you check out Episode 15 of the STC Podcast featuring former Wildcats walk on Tod Lantern (@tod_lanternIII). Tod offers some great insight as to what it was like to spend three years in Lexington on one of the top programs in the country, including an undefeated season and playing for a National Championship. Tod also explains what Coach Cal is really all about, the slew of talent he played with throughout the years, trying to avoid getting dunked on, and what life is like as a Wildcat basketball player on campus. Again, I’m not a UK guy at all, but it’s always pretty cool to get a firsthand perspective of what these dudes go through in their time as a big time college athlete. Kentucky is actually up 17 now so it looks like this game will be over by halftime, which means there’s really no excuse for you not to tune in sometime before that new OJ series comes on FX at 10.

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Make Sure You Get Your Questions In For Episode 15 ft. Tod Lanter

The STC Podcast is back in full swing this evening after yesterday’s mega slate of games which some of you may or may not have fallen financially victim to (guilty as charged). If you need an outlet to channel your frustrations or you want to just take it easy and let your mind wander on a Sunday afternoon, then make sure you gear up for Kentucky’s own Tod Lanter joining the podcast later today. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Tod played ball at UK for three years and should be able to offer some terrific insight into what it’s like to be a part of arguably the biggest and most prestigious program in all of college sports. Now would be the chance to get your questions in. Things like, “On a scale of 1-Prince Harry, how close would you say you were to the Prince of Campus?” or “Did you or any of your teammates ever have a tremendous success rate using pickup lines such as ‘hey girl, where you goin’ with dem titties?” All fair questions imho. Anyway, the podcast will be recorded later today, so if you’re a UK fan or really just a fan of life and college basketball in general, make sure to chime in and stay tuned for this week’s episode where Tod will more than likely determine whether or not being a walk on at the University of Kentucky is really the best gig in all of college basketball.

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Updated Storm the Court Podcast Pick Em Challenge Top 25 Rankings


Ok so here’s the deal. Last time I dropped the current standings for the Pick ‘Em Challenge, I tried to hit you with the Top 25 crafted in an ever so creative fashion based off of the AP’s weekly top 25 standings (you’re welcome, but whatever). Normally I do that on my work computer, which unfortunately is at, well work, so seeing as we’re a little over halfway through today’s mega slate of games and I’m fairly sure we’re all pretty content melting into our couches ’til the final buzzer, I’m just gonna leave this HERE. Go ahead and peruse at your own leisure and see how you’ve been stacking up against your Internet friends. I’ll go ahead and give the rest of the updated standings sometime this week where I can actually put a little more thought into the top 25 when I’m supposed to be doing real actual 9-5 work.

Remember, the Pick ‘Em Challenge is cumulative throughout the season so if you’ve missed a week it’s not too late to turn things around and make some hay as we inch ever closer to March. That is unless you stink at making picks. In that case, well, I guess baseball season will be here before you know it?

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(Almost) Everything You Missed Last Night In College Hoops; Xavier Is Good, Wake Loses In Historic Fashion, Shaq Fu Gets Paid


Xavier Def. Providence 75 – 68, Notches First Top Ten Road Win In Twenty Years

Billy R’s best “ONIONS” call all season, imo. 

I’m not sure Xavier is really this for real or if Providence’s offense is really this bad or both, but whichever way you slice it that was an impressive win for the Musketeers last night- Friars stinky offense be damned. Outside of Kris Dunn and Ben Bentil, Providence struggles to put the ball in the hole and shooting 20% from three doesn’t bode well when you’re trying to beat a top ten team as athletic and as deep as the Musketeers are.

box score

Also that was Xavier’s first top ten win on the road in two decades. That’s right, TWENTY YEARS. I almost fell out of my chair when I heard that on the radio this morning. Xavier isn’t exactly what you’d consider a blueblood, but they have a damn good club year in and year out and I’d just assume they would have at least gotten lucky once or twice since the 90’s. You know, the old “blind squirrel finds a nut” philosophy.

Wake Forest Pisses Away the Game, Loses After Being Up 7 With 20 Seconds Remaining

There’s no time like the present, so maybe I’m a little caught up in all the hoopla when I say this, but on paper that’s one of the worst losses I’ve ever seen in a basketball game. Up 7 with 20 seconds left? That’s north of a 99% win percentage to be exact. That’s right about the time you finish the last little bit of your beer and head for the concourse. One can’t really help but draw comparisons to Reggie Miller crucifying the Knicks in ’95. Of course everyone will probably forget all about Wake’s implosion by March because it happened on a Tuesday night in January and not in the NBA postseason at Madison Square Garden, but outside of that, everything else had the makings of a historic loss by the Deacons.

Shaq Fu Claims He Was “Paid Very Well” In His Time at LSU, Encourages His Son to Do the Same


You know what? I’m with Shaq all the way on this one. There should absolutely be a statute of limitations. More than 20 years and about 200 lbs. have passed since Shaq first step foot in Baton Rouge and most of the old white dudes that were paying Kazaam under the table are either dead or retired. Besides, you’d be a fool to risk it all paying for Shaq’s son…

net worth

I guarantee you being the Big Aristotle’s son pays far more than any booster or slimeball agent ever could even during their best years.

Ben Simmons when he heard Shaq talking pay for play

ICYMI: Episode 14 With Oklahoma’s James Fraschilla


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Episode 14 – James Fraschilla


A long time ago (like two years) in a galaxy far, far away (Norman, OK), there was a young man who changed the face of college basketball. A pioneer in the bench mob game, he dazzled the masses with scintillating trick shot videos and a rendition of the air guitar that would make even Eddie Van Halen wet his pants.

That man’s name was James Fraschilla (@jamesfraschilla). You might know him best for his crazy “Hayden’s Hope” trick shots or for being the son of famed coach and broadcaster Fran Fraschilla. If you don’t, well then you’re in luck because James was kind enough to sit down and join us on the podcast last night in what might just be the most interesting episode to date. James paints an excellent of picture of what it’s like to be a walk on at a big time program, an assistant in the NBA’s D-League, growing up a coach’s son, as well as his thoughts on court storming. Also James plugged, a non-profit organization he partnered with for the trick shot videos to raise awareness for children in need of organ transplants. Obviously a great cause so go check that out too when you get a chance.


PS- Apologies for the episode cutting out at the end there. As you know we’re absolutely perfect in everything that we do so none of the technical difficulties are our fault. We’ll just go ahead and blame Microsoft seeing as they’re in hot water already for #Tabletgate in yesterday’s AFC Championship Game. Pile on Bill Gates while he’s down.

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